Campaign Management & Paid Media

We love nothing more than immersing ourselves in political campaigns and believe in the positive impact that dedicated public servants can have on our society.  We assist with budget development, staff hiring and training, fundraising strategy, vendor selection, and anything your campaign needs to get off the ground, execute your battle plan, and win your election.  We partner with political media and digital firms to deliver strategic and operational support that aligns your message with the creative content that’s critical to target voters and break through crowded airwaves and screens of all sizes.  If your campaign needs it, we can do it.

Coalition Building & Issue Campaigns

With an extensive network and decades of combined experience working on political campaigns, in government, and with advocacy organizations, we shape public opinion and elevate important messages.  We will work with you to identify and target the most relevant and significant stakeholders in government, politics, and the media to build coalitions, rally communities, and amplify the narratives that will move the needle on your campaign.  We also apply our experience in campaign management, fundraising, and digital organizing to build support for causes at the grassroots level.

Government Relations

We advise organizations and companies on how to navigate federal and state governments and build trusted partnerships with elected officials and their staff.  We will work with you to develop a holistic, customized strategy that enhances your reputation, achieves your immediate objectives, and identifies shared goals to build a foundation for long-lasting, durable, and effective relationships.

Philanthropic & Political Advising

There’s a lot to navigate when thinking through how to make a positive impact and ensure your resources are strategically raised and spent. We partner with leading stakeholders of all kinds to make their dollars go further and unlock maximum value.  Drawing on our diverse expertise, we offer a tailored approach to help our clients make a difference and direct their giving towards projects that align with their values.  Whether you’re seeking advice as an individual, a foundation, a nonprofit, or a corporation – we would love to collaborate with you.

Strategic Communications

We help organizations tell their stories. Whether you are looking to navigate a crisis or to effectively present your brand to government and political audiences, developing the right message and frame is essential. After conducting an environmental scan and analyzing your specific challenges and needs, we will deliver a strategic messaging plan. We will work with you to best position yourself among your competitors and capture the attention of your key audiences.